Advanced Cyber Defence Center, issued by Eco – 13/02/2013

Europe bands together to fight against botnets, issued by FCCN – 13/02/2013

Comienza la andadura del proyecto ‘Advanced Cyber Defense Centre’ contra lasredeszombi en Internet, issued by INTECO – 13/02/2013

ecokoordiniert Advanced Cyber Defence Center (ACDC), issued by Eco – 14/02/2013

Advanced Cyber Defence Center: Neue EU-ZentralegegenBotnetze, issued at – 19/02/2013

CARNetdioCentrazanaprednuracunalnuzaštituuzpotporu EU-a, issued at, Croatia – 19/02/2013

CARNet u europskojborbiprotivbotneta, issued at, Croatia – 19/02/2013

CARNet s EU-omprotivbotneta, issued at, Croatia – 19/02/2013

CARNet partner protivbotneta, issued by Novi list, Croatia – 20/02/2013

CARNetdioCentrazanaprednuracunalnuzaštituuzpotporu EU-a – Europa protivbotneta issued at – 20/02/2013

CERT-RO se alăturăproiectului Advanced Cyber Defence Centre, pentrucombatereaameninţărilorcibernetice, issued by CERT-RO – 13/03/2013

LSEC plays leading role in Europe’s cybersecurity strategy as partner in anti-botnet pilots, issued by LSEC – 13/03/2013

LSEC, KULeuven in strijdtegenbotnets, issued at – 19/03/2013

LSEC, B-CCENTRE et la KU Leuven joignentleurs forces contre les réseaux de zombies, issued at by LSEC and B-CCENTRE – 19/03/2013

Europa gaat de strijdaan met botnets, issued at – 20/03/2013

LSEC, B-CCENTRE en KU Leuven mee in Europesestrijdtegen botnets, issued at by LSEC and B-CCENTRE – 21/03/2013

Advanced Cyber DefenseCenter (ACDC)
Europe takes on the battle against botnets, isued at issued by Michel van Eeten – 28/03/2013

Dio ACDC-a, issued by MediaNet, Croatia – 01/04/2013

Bulgarian Posts” EAD began working on a European project “Advanced Cyber ​​DefenseCenter” ACDC, issued at – 08/05/2013

Bulgarian Posts” are involved in the project: 5. “Trusted e-services and other activities”, issued by BGPOST – 15/05/2013

Botnetz-Bekämpfung: RufenachglobalerZusammenarbeit, issued at – 08/06/2013

Advanced Cyber Defence Centre, issued at – 17/06/2013

Advanced Cyber Defence Center – ACDC, issued by CARNet – 26/06/2013

Il primo Centro Avanzato di Difesa del Cyberspazio (ACDC) per l’Europaportaanche la firma di Telecom Italia, issued by Telecom Italia – 26/06/2013

ACDC – Advanced Cyber Defence Center, issued by Technikon – 10/07/2013

Na fsecsimpozijupredstavljen ACDC project, issued by CARNet – 24/09/2013

World Hosts Report – September 2013, issued at – 25/09/2013

Uspjescozapoceo rani pilot u okviruCentrazanaprednuracunalnuzastituuzpotporu EU-a, issued by CARNet – 17/10/2013

RadionicaNacionalnog CERT-a zabankarskisektor, issued by CARNet – 07/11/2013

CONAN mobile developed by INTECO, partner of ACDC, issued by INTECO – 07/05/2014