Who should join ACDC? What are your benefits?

Ÿ  Providers

  • use ACDC as a deployment channel for new solutions
  • use the ACDC community as beta testers
  • use ACDC as a data feeds diffusion channel without the need to contact all ISPs individually
  • use the knowledge base in ACDC to research new solutions

Ÿ  Research organisations

  • use the data feeds for research purpose
  • use the ACDC community to quickly evaluate the new approaches end users
  • find information about botnets
  • take advantage of downloadable solutions
  • contact an ACDC local centre for personalised support


  • Ÿdecrease the cost of mediation towards end-users by delegating personalised support to national centres
  • use ACDC as a channel for fast detection linked to the larger knowledge base available
  • build trust in collaboration with users by using ACDC as a third party monitoring security across EU countries
  • benefit from ACDC’s activity in analysing the level of activity of ISPs in protecting their customer base from botnets
  • use ACDC as a source for new solutions

Ÿ  Law enforcement entities

  • Ÿuse ACDC for wider coverage of data, beyond national borders