Work Package 1: Standards & Specifications
D1.1 Overall Software Architecture Description PU v1 v2
D1.2 Specification of Tool Group ‘Centralized Data Clearing House’ PU v1 v2  DEMO
D1.3 Specification of Tool Group ‘Support Centre’ PU v1 v2
D1.4 Specification of Tool Group ‘Malicious or Vulnerable Websites’ PU v1 v2
D1.5 Specification of Tool Group ‘Network Traffic Sensors’ PU v1 v2
D1.6 Specification of ‘Tool Group Customer Tools’ PU v1 v2
D1.7 Data Format Specification PU v1 v2
D1.8 Legal Requirements PU v1 v2
Work Package 2: Pilot Components and Technology Development
D2.1.: Establishment of Pilot Governance Group and overall work planning, liasing with other WP leaders RE n.A.
D2.2.: Establishment of Component Task Forces with contributing partners and supporting technology partners RE n.A.
D2.3.: Technology Development Framework outlining basic models for integration and delivery principles PU v1
D2.4.: Executable Service Code CO n.A.
D2.5.: Business Process Test Cases & Scripts, Services Functional Test Plan and Scenarios, Cases & Scripts  RE n.A.
Work Package 3: Experiment Planning, Integration and Deployment
D3.1 Planning reports of the experiments PU v1
D3.2.: Design report of each experiment PU v1
D3.3.: Control reports, monitoring timetables, agenda & experiment warnings RE n.A.
D3.4.: Final report of running & control experiments  PU v1
Work Package 4: Evaluating and Incentivizing Botnet Mitigation
D4.1 Documentation of botnet metrics methodology and development  PU  v1
D4.2.: Statistical evaluation of the impact of the Pilot  PU  v1
D4.3.: Legal validation of the prototype tested during the Pilot  PU  v1
D4.4.: Publicly accessible database of botnet metrics  PU  v1
Work Package 5: Dissemination, Exploitation and Long term visibility
D5.1: Dissemination plan  PU v1 v2 v3 v4
D5.2: Exploitation Plan  PU v1 v2
D5.3.: Sustainability Plan  PU v1
D5.4.: Policy recommandations  PU v1
Work Package 6: User Community Management
D6.1.1.: User profiles and categorization  PU v1
D6.1.2.: Identified user list across the different selected organisations  PU v1
D6.2.1.: ACDC Social Platform deployed, online platform  PU v1
D6.2.2.: ACDC Social Analytics Tool, Online Tools  PU v1
D6.3.1.: Involvement model for users in ACDC  PU v1
D6.3.2.: Involvement model for users in ACDC RE n.A.
D6.3.3.: Involvement model for users in ACDC RE n.A.
D6.3.4.: Involvement model for users in ACDC PU v1
Work Package 7: Project Management
D7.1.: Project internal IT communication infrastructure RE n.A.
D7.2: Periodic report according to EC regulation of the model contract RE n.A. n.A.
Dissemination Levels of the deliverables: 

PU: Public
PP: Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission)
RE: Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission)
CO: Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission)
v1: First iteration, v2: Final iteration of a deliverable